Dobong Rehabilitation Center

Location: Seoul, Dobong, Madeul st, 664-17
Site Area: 1,205.7 m2
Building area: 715.84 m2
Total floor area: 2,113.4 m2
Building coverage: 59.4 %
FAR: 1.3
Structure: R.C.
Exterior finish: Granite, Wood, Low-E glass, Aluminum mullion
Status: Proposal

/Local architect: Berni Innovation Group


Dobong rehabilitation center-1

As an rehabilitation center of the region, the proposal is aiming to harmonize the facility with the surrounding public nature paths and urban contexts by defining the site as an important urban node. Due to the various possible access point to the site, the building will have versatile elevation frontalities to welcome visitors and provide comfortable entry sequences, easy way finding with clear space planning.

Dobong rehabilitation center-2 Dobong rehabilitation center-3