Vestibule + (Honorable Mention)

Folly 2014, Architectural league of New York<Notable entry>

with Woojae Sung []


Vestibule +

A vestibule is a lobby, entrance hall, or passage between the entrance and the interior of a building.

Looking at the gate on Broadway a few blocks away from it, we already knew the park was there. Seeing through the gate over the park at the end of the road, we felt the park had come to us too fast and naked.
The thin gate was standing still there whispering very low that we were about to cross the intangible boundary. We trespassed. Everything happened so fast and painless.

Thinking about Folly, we imagined a never realized vestibule that should have captured the grand moment of entering into the park.





The site sits right behind the gate at the intersection of the extension of Broadway and pedestrian path within the park. Broadway, the visual corridor, guides people towards to the park’s gate even from a distance. The gate converts visual stimulus into physical experiences. This change of phase happens sudden even though the existence of huge gate which is clearly visible couple of blocks away. 




When you visit the park, you can first confront with the Gateway with billboard on top. Since 1999, this 10’ by 28’ sized billboard has changed its face once or twice a year showcasing what’s happening inside the park. Comparing to its simple gesture toward the city, this had been performed very important role regarding to activation of the park and its vents inside. Not only because the proposed site is located right next to this gateway, but also due to its importancein the park, we want to focus on this component for this competition.

How can we celebrate this honest, straightforward entry process to make the Socrates park a more special place to visit for everybody?







The gate projects to the site and reshapes the site. A vestibule floating somewhere in between the two captures head space or a person entering in and out of the park. The initial projection is pinched in toward to the vestibule, then again modified to accommodate pedestrian path to the park. Series of ribbon spanning between the frames of the gate, site and vestibule visualize the projection.



Vestibule toward Socrates Park
Socrates park is a not only publicly, but also spatially open space in the city. For this reason, like most of other parks, it doesn’t clearly define the entry sequence as an unique architectural component. It rather symbolizes the gate as a simple gesture which reminds us the essence of post & lintel system. This proposal is trying to tackle this aspect of the site. Comparing to the displayed sculptures & events, the frontality of the park is not strong enough to stimulate the things happening inside. Therefore, we propose vortex like entry feature which can fascinate the people passing by and absorb them into the park as active agents. And we want to call this as a Vestibule +.


As mentioned, proposed vortex like entry feature is a device to attract people into the park and this demarcates the park from the surroundings by augmentingthe small portion of its front face. To achieve this, we
redefined the perspective relationships between the gateway’s billboard and the ground patterns from the park. In this process, we placed the vanishing point at eye level and framed it for them to really step inside, experience the space and look outside through the frame. The vestibule+ is an architectural sculpture you can experience within. 

You can just pass by or you can step inside. This is an intermediate space between the park and the city. Are you in the Socrates Park already?