Swinging Pavilion in Atlanta

10up competition <Honorable Mention>

The main idea of this project is to perceptually & physically overcome the limitation of the 10’ x 10’ sized small space with numerous possible spatial combinations for people to imagine beyond the real number of combinations and bring about playful spatial experiences with movable structures by triggering public’s participation.


To achieve that, the whole pavilion is consisted of 5 revolving frames supported by 6 structural hinges each & 5 wheels total with 4” height steps at every frame and 1 fixed main frame, which holds up other 5 frames with other structural segments. Each frame gets smaller to fit each other and to visually expand space with distorted perspective effects. The interiority of expandable or shrinkable space can be defined with materialities of wood, punched metal sheets and fine shadow pattern projected to whole inner space with sunlight.


In terms of construction, all of wood structure is consisted of 3/4” plywood boards, which includes wood beams, columns and floor plates with bolted connections. Those can be easily prefabricate by designated size in shops and quickly assembled on site within a few hours.