Queen Hur Park 2016

Queen Hur Park 2016

There are multiple good clues and references in designing ‘Queen Hur Memorial Park’.Ghats which seperate existing Hur Memorial site and riverside park do not function well in terms of connecting the two, however, they give us good clue in finding good solution to connect Hur Memorial Area to the riverside park for the future. For the functional reason, the height of Ghats should be kept as it is, and for the future usage reason, we need to connect between the urban area and the riverside land. On this premise, the topology of Gharts, which is stair, is a good methodology of connecting the two by extending it. If we extend the limit of the Ghats toward the river while maintaining the height, then we can expect various characteristics of spaces being created from tons of matrix between the height differrences and width differences.

Design of occupiable stairs have their own good references in Korea and India. Grand steps in front of Ram Ki Paidi which is near from the site flow down to the river and enable people and animals of occupying the area and enjoying the water. Also, we can easily find many examples of Indian people using steps in public space as well as private house. In Korea, one of the best traditional landscape design for women is ‘Gyotaejeon’’ s ‘Amita’, which was designed for the queen at Chosun dynasty, and the main element of that place is steps. On each steps, plants, chimney, wall and decorations are located. By using multi-leveled steps instead of using one story height wall, space could be more diverse and could have bigger capacity to take more cases and events.

By extending the topology of Ghats which has steps, we can naturally connect the area of Queen Hur and river side park. On this connected route, activities and events happening on each spaces can connect visitors to the citizen, and the culture from Korea to India. Sitting at the steps in front of the reflecting pool for Hur, visitors enjoy the performances and exhibitions in the Memorial Space, and walk to the Space to join the events. By these mutual connections and participations, Nidana -relation- which has been for thousands years will continue for next thousands years more.

collaborated with Ether ship

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