Moran Folly 2016 (Honorable Mention)

Moran Folly 2016 competition <Honorable mention>



Moran Folly2016, which will be embraced by Moran Museum surrounded by relatively quiet suburban environment, can be proposed; Firstly, as a Peaceful formal gesture embedding dynamic topography internally. To achieve this purpose, a box symbolizing our repeating daily life, architecture and city will encounter a human scale funnel (portal), which representing a Dynamic deviation from your monotonous life. Secondly, a first impression of visitors about dynamic internal topography contrasted to peaceful outlook can be reinterpreted as a peaceful silence & loneliness by pushing their head into the funnel space. The topographical space surrounding us seems boundlessly expanding to create another dimension you never reached before, and we feel a unique timeless solitude you can hardly have in contemporary busy urban life with comfortable enclosedness. In this special space & moment, you & sky will encounter each other with peculiar setting.




The construction methodology is based on stacking a series of CNC cut thick plywood with irregularly placed wood blockings in-between wood panels. The number of plywood, density of horizontal stacking and overall size of Folly could be adjusted based on the total budget; however, the artistic quality of the realized Folly should be in accordance with the provided rendering as proposed. The wood blocking in-between stacked wood panels will work not only as structural supports but also as aesthetical purpose to provide dynamism on the elevation of proposed Folly façade.


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