Market Promenade

Market Promenade  Finalist (Next landmark competition 2013, Floornature)





[Site location: Casablanca, Morocco]

MARKET is a place where demands and supplies are confronting each other and deals are made in a specific location. In most cases, those are located near stations, center of village or broad street where lots of pedestrians are passing by. It’s mainly because people (customer & seller) are the one of main components to create market and its’ activities. For this reason, potentially successful market place should have some sort of attractive factors which can be differentiated from other places in a city to stimulate people’s appetites for visiting the place itself.  In this point of view, in Casablanca, the city of rectilinear urban environments, introduction of curvilinear spatial gesture will create not only a beautiful, but also a very special place which can be successfully distinguished from surrounding urban environments in the city. This spatial specialty itself will work as an engine for this new market in Casablanca to be well-activated and successful.

Diagram-12222[Basic idea]


[Southwest perspective]

Another advantage of curvilinear market can be explained by the maximized length of contacts among sellers and customers with well-arranged product display structures and clearly organized continuous customer promenade path. Even though, most of product display crates are located in exterior, some refrigeration required products like meat, seafood markets are located inside the buildings, which are located behind the promenade market with proper equipment. These 2 buildings are connected with the exterior market with bridges, so visitor flows are smoothly connected all through the market place.


[Program configuration]

section perspective

[Section perspective]

On the lower floor of the Eastside building with meat market, there exists cafeteria, which expands to the exterior cafeteria below the market structure. In the Westside building with Seafood market’s lower floor is equipped with 8 regular & 2 disabled accessible restrooms and market information center.  Furthermore, the space below the promenade market with wide steps and exterior cafeteria can be also utilized as public event space like temporary theatre or exhibition gallery for any possible future events.Rendering-3[Market promenade]

These organically & efficiently combined market and public event spaces are expected to keep generating successful attractions for people to activate and utilize the area with sustainable necessities to visit the propose market promenade.