In-Land Pier (1st Prize)

ENYA 2008 <South Street Seaport Competition: Re-envisioning the Urban edge>

Student Prize

‘Piers on the water edge’ had been the significant connection points between the outer world and the Manhattan island when its developing eras. However, the piers around the island was getting less important by the development of other transportation methods.By these reason, nowdays’ piers have been changed into storage space or just historical ruins of water edge’s heyday. Thesedays,Some of them have been gradually changed into cultural space or commercial shopping area like ‘Pier 17’, which is located around ‘South seaport area’. In this point of view, this proposal is concentrating the different metaphorical opposition between ‘Pier on water’ and ‘Pier on Land’. If we can say ‘pier on water’ was the starting position of new culture and new products, we could possibly think ‘pier on land’ as the starting position of culture and pulbic activities. For the reason, this project is designed to supply more green space,(which is not enough around the site area) and connect the green condition into the building and the public activities. Also, the continuous green surface can provide the high point for the viewers to see over the highway which is blocking the site from the water edge’s great view.