Athenaeum 2050 (4th prize)

-Looking forward: The Athenaeum of Philadelphia competition  <4th prize>

Based on the assumption about the perpetuity of the reading activity and the preservation of athenaeum as an important public venue in this historical district; Athenaeum 2050 can be shaped not only by prospecting technological progresses, but by reconsidering the small factors of reading environments with considerations of site and adaptability toward upcoming innovations.

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By activating the visual connections with surroundings through the open facade toward Washington Square Park, the new athenaeum will showcase the reading activities inside and emanate positive stimuli toward the city. The rest of the facade remains solid stone maintaining the heaviness matching with surrounding architecture.

Ksharch studio_Athenaeum2050-2

 /Project Assumptions

1. Stepped reading space: Providing relaxed reading environments by overlooking the exterior greenscape through the west façade
2. Energy efficient facade: West facade opening with triple glazing & operable vertical louvers blocking the low west sun
3. Skylight: Evenly bounced optimum day-lighting for reading space below by articulated ceiling surfaces
4. 3D Virtual architecture experience : Enhanced architectural experience with advanced hologram technologies in 2050
5. Automated book delivery system: Physical book sorting and distributing system to required locations of the library
6. Roof garden & DECK: Providing not only active exterior reading space, but also increased building energy efficiency with HVAC reduction and rainwater harvesting

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