강동구 청소년문화의집 당선 / 1st Prize ‘Gangdong Youth Center’



여느건축이 2019년 9월  ‘강동구 청소년문화의집 현상공모’에  당선되었습니다.

Yeoneu Architects won 1st Prize  in  ‘Gangdong Youth Center’ competition.

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Project Update: Suncheon Art Bowl


Yeoneu Arch’s Proposal for Suncheon Art Platform updated.


여느건축디자인 오픈 / Yeoneu Architects Opened


케이샥 스튜디오가 2016년 4월1일부터 여느건축디자인(건축사사무소)로 다시 태어납니다.
/주소: 서울시 종로구 우정국로 69  동일빌딩 B103호

/ksharch studio started with new name 'Yeoneu Architects' on 2016. 04.01



Project Update: Jamsil System


Yeoneu-Arch’s proposal for Jamsil Sports Complex competition updated!

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‘Market promenade’ Finalist in Nextlandmark competition 2013

Ksharch updated market design proposal in Casablanca, Morroco. This project recently selected as one of 20 finalist for NEXT LANDMARK 2013 Helsinki competition.

Customers & Sellers on the dynamic path floating in linear Casablanca urban space.

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