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Project Update: Jamsil System


Yeoneu-Arch’s proposal for Jamsil Sports Complex competition updated!

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‘Athenaeum 2050’ won 4th Prize

Athenaeum 2050 won 4th Prize  at Looking forward  competition organized by The Athenaeum of Philadelphia

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Ksharch studio_Athenaeum2050-7_sm

‘Vestibule+’ selected as Notable entry at Folly 2014

‘Vestibule+’ selected as Notable entry at Folly 2014, Architectural League of New York

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‘Bhola Tower’ shortlisted from Fondation Jacques Rougerie 2013


Bhola tower + floating rice filed project was shortlisted in Fondation Jacques Rougerie 2013 competition.

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‘Sangam Culture Storage’ won 2nd prize

Ksharch’s proposal for  ‘Changing the Mapo oil reserve base international competition’  won 2nd prize.

Transforming the physical enery reserve tanks into cultural vision storage

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[Award ceremony  & Exhibition]
○ Date : 2013.10.8(Tue) 14:30 ~ 16:30 [exhibition: 2013.10.8 -13]
○ Place : Taepyeong Hall, Seoul Citizens Hall (B2F Seoul City Hall Main Building)

‘Market promenade’ Finalist in Nextlandmark competition 2013

Ksharch updated market design proposal in Casablanca, Morroco. This project recently selected as one of 20 finalist for NEXT LANDMARK 2013 Helsinki competition.

Customers & Sellers on the dynamic path floating in linear Casablanca urban space.

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Project update: Gosan library

3_concept diag

Ksharch updated Gosan library competition entry 2012.

‘Public vs Private ‘

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Project update: Cut it, curl it up.

Cut & curl with point loads

ksharch  introduce the latest collaborative work with Selective Amplification ( to test the relationship between the physical cuts of material and its behavior relative to digital parametric analysis.

To find the possible natural curvy world…

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Plug-In City featured in Architekton webzine

Just found it featured in Architekton.

Project update: Bhola Tower + Floating Rice Field for 500 people in 2050

Bhola Tower + Floating Rice Field for 500 people in 2050


This project had been developed for 2 months’ time for private research  stimulated by Washington post’s  article about Banladesh people’s life and their current enviromental difficulties.

Can we or they spend this much effort and money for the world’s poorest country in 2050?  One thing that we are sure is that Bhola Island in Bangladesh will have several millions of ecological refugees in a decade for sure.

The real environmental criminals (Developed countries…) should feel responsibilities for the agonies of undeveloped poor countries’ imminent ecological crisis.



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