Daegu Gosan library



 1. Base Concept

In the era of digital information technologies, the meaning & the role of library is facing a big challenge because the way we collect information & knowledge is drastically being changed by new technologies.  In the past, library had been a centralized warehouse of knowledge with very restricted access in terms of time and locations.  For this exclusive ownership of knowledge, a library could be evaluated by the quantitative measures rather than qualitative aspects of it, and it didn’t consider enough to help the general public to digest those enormous amounts of information with more fun and efficiency.

However, current society shows quite different aspects of information sharing methodologies comparing to the past. Most of us bring our own small computer like smart phone in their pocket, which will bring us to the world’s biggest virtual warehouse of knowledge via wireless internet these days.  Simply speaking, the location or the place where we collect information is not much a big concern anymore for the new concept of library.

In this point of view, this project is focusing on two main possible issues for new library concept. First of all, the space itself for the activities of reading should be well optimized and attractive for visitors to feel themselves very comfortable and enjoyable in the space while they are reading any media. This can be interpreted into intensifying the ‘privacy’ in this typical public program, and this should be harmonized with public space in a smooth transitional manner. Secondly, the library should encourage more experiences of knowledge rather than simple distributions of it. By providing several semi-pockets like spaces, we can differentiate the possible programs for each zone more efficiently.


2. Private vs Pubic space in library

Reading and studying is a very private experience, which cannot be easily shared by others. Even we can do those activities together with other people, but it ends up requiring each person to focus on oneself for some amount of time to digest the information. However, ironically enough, we always end up mixing with public people by the activities of visiting library.  In that point of view, the library visitors should have a choice for the intensity of mixing with public while they have to do very private activities: reading. These combinations of each visitor’s choice should be blended with space & people inside. Too much private segregation or public exposure should be avoided.


Private vs Public

To achieve those spatial goals, the proposal divides the base massing into series of pockets condition, and creates simple rectangle large window openings, which provide some sort of semi-enclosed space for more private reading space. This pocket space is sometimes being used as exterior terrace for rest, small interior garden or temporary outdoor reading space in good weather conditions. As Um & Yang harmonized, the entities of reading, resting, interior, exterior, human, green, public and private will be well harmonized in this new library.





The current site is being used as a park, and it provides the urban flows as shortcuts through the site. The base urban strategy is starting from preserving those existing flows which dissects the site. The 2nd strategy can be obtained from the surrounding neighbor buildings.  Those are mainly consisted of 2-4 stories building with relatively narrow façade width. To make the building scale to harmonize with local condition, the proposed library has dissected façade with series of private, public reading pocket with interior, exterior & green variations. So from the eyelevel, the new library will be harmonized with context by respecting the rhythmic gesture of local urban.

3_concept diag

Urban strategies



4. Design Features

  1. MAIN ENTRANCE: Ground level main access from the north side Park in front of library.  It is equipped with ADA compliant ramp & umbrella stands.
  2. GRAND STAIR / Preserving Existing Urban Flows: Grand stair provide direct access from outside to 2nd floor Education facilities as an individual entrance.
  3. BOOK RETURN BOX: Automatic book return machine which provide access from both inside & outside of library. The book return slot is installed on the exterior wall, and sort books automatically.
  4. BOOK STACKS: Book stacks are not only for furniture to store books, but also are facade systems and combined with structure system in this project. Also, it adds aesthetical interiority with warm texture of wood & its reflected lights.
  5. BALCONY / READING & GREEN: Beyond the book stack wall, the space of ‘V shaped’ exterior space will be used as READING & GREEN balconies. While reading balcony is occupiable space, the Green balcony is more to give comfortable green surrounding toward interior reading space.
  6. ENTRY TO EDUCATION FACILITIES: Providing separate access to education space for various purposes.
  7. PRIVACY READING POCKETS: By the relationship of overall dissected massing & book stack wall, we can create more private quality of reading space, which is juxtaposed by small exterior green or reading balconies.
  8. BRIDGE / VIEW DECK: Bridge is connecting the separated volumes on the 3rd floor.  This space will be equipped with simple seating layout for parents can wait and read while their children are playing in the children section. This Bridge is floating over the Grand Stair, so it’s one of the best places for visitors to look around the library, and take some rest with coffee.
  9. GRAND BOOK STACK: The Big book stack, which is connecting 2nd & 3rd floor vertically, provides good focal point in the library. It also shows the relationships among the various sections of book collections.
  10. SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC PANELS: These roof surface areas are good locations to install P.V. panels for energy efficiency. The face can be rotated a little bit to face the SUN more effectively also.
  11. GLAZING WITH WOOD LOUVER ZONE: This zone provides more indirect daylight toward the reading room area to make optimum reading environment in the library.
  12. ROOF GARDEN WITH GREEN + SEATINGS: Good, relaxing space on the rooftop with greens & seating along those plants.
  13. SKY LIGHT: This located above the floor openings of 3rd & 2nd floor slab, so it maximize the light infiltrations, and also provide aesthetically great space of library experience.

Axonometrics of programs + spaces


5. Interior views

6_Interior-1 6_Interior-2 6_Interior-4


6. Plans

7_Plan-1st 7_Plan-2nd 7_Plan-3rd


7. Section & Elevation + Facade detail

8_section 9_elevation


facade detail